Ali Textiles is one of the leading names in the field of textile for the quality and variety in its textile products. The company has been working in the prescribed field for more than 40 years

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Jacquard Tea Towels

Yarn Dyed Woven Jacquard Kitchen Towel Size:50x70cm / Weight:80-grams

Multi Check Terry Tea Towel 

Yarn Dyed Multi Check Terry Tea Towel Size:45x65cm - 90-grams (10pc Lose Packing - 120pc Carton Pack)

Bath Towels 

We have largest catalog in Bath Towel, Solid Dyed, Yarn Dyed, Care Bleached, Style in Fancy Border

Luxury Check Terry Tea Towels

Luxury Check Terry Tea Towel Size:45x65cm - Weight:90-grams

Oven Cloth

Natural Oven Cloth Heavy Duty Size:51x76cm Weight:135-grams

Name Woven Glass Cloth

Name Woven Jacquard Glass Cloth Size:50x75xm Weight:80-Grams